Fantasy Football – Constitution and By-laws

Fantasy Football – Constitution and By-laws

Family Rivals League

Table of Contents

  • Article I – League Officers
  • Article II – Member and Managers
  • Article III – League Entry and Other Fee’s
  • Article IV – Prize Payout Structure
  • Article V – Playoff Configuration
  • Article VI – Host System
  • Article VII – Draft Location and Time
  • Article VIII – Draft Preparation
  • Article IX – Draft and Draft Order Determination
  • Article X – Regular Season
  • Article XI – Smack Talk
  • Article XII – Trades
  • Article XIII – Waivers
  • Article XIV – New Rule Creation
  • Article XV – Rosters and Lineups
  • Article XVI – Roster Oversights
  • Article XVII – Roster Dumping
  • Article XVIII – Trophy Commencements
  • Article XIX – Team Names
  • Article XX – The Future
  • Glossary
  • Scoring System

 Fantasy Football – Constitution and By-laws

Article I – League Officers

Your league will consist of 3 governing bodies to serve you; a Commissioner, Co-commissioner and a League Treasurer.

A commissioner may be voted on every 4 years and may serve as many terms as needed.

A vote for commissioner will be taken by the league and require a majority vote along with an impartial party. Example: 2 managers will be running for commissioner leaving 10 managers left to vote adding 1 or 3 impartial parties or spectators to guarantee a majority vote or 51% or more votes for the appointed officer.

A commissioner must run each year and the loser of the vote will be appointed co-commissioner if they chose to accept. If there is no acceptance a separate vote for co-commissioner will take place.

The league will also appoint a League Treasurer to manage finances and collect dues as well as disburse funds and be 3rd in command to the commissioner and co-commissioner.

Your league officers are available if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.  If your question pertains to a feature provided by our hosting provider, please utilize their support resources before you contact a league officer.

For league-specific issues, please contact the league commissioner first.  If the league commissioner is unavailable, contact the co-commissioner.  If you cannot contact a commissioner or co-commissioner, and your issue is time-sensitive please use the league message board to make your request. Be mindful of group text or mass texting.

League Commissioner

Simon Chahayed


If you are unable to reach the league commissioner, please contact the co-commissioner.

League Treasurer

Please remit your league entry fees to the league treasurer.  In the event that you are awarded a cash prize, it is your responsibility to provide the league treasurer with your address or details of an alternate method of payment.
Article II – Members and Managers

A 12 team league has been voted the best system for Family Rivals and seems to be the most fair. In some instances there has been an 8 team league (inaugural year) and a 10 team league (year 3) that was played just fine. We must have at least 8 teams to play.

We can expand to more than 12 teams being that there is an even number of players AND a vote will be taken by all league members that have played at least 2 years in the league prior to the newest season. No sophomore or new entrants may vote on an expansion.

If the vote to keep the league at 12 teams and there are more players wanting to join, feel free to join a team and become a co-manager. We welcome teams with 2 owners (example husband and wife, brother and sister or cousins)

All existing managers are welcome to join with a guaranteed spot in the league. Any new-comers must wait for an open spot OR wait to join after the league has agreed to expand.

Managers with guaranteed spots are:

Simon Chahayed / Matthew Daaboul / Michelle Daaboul / Roy Daaboul / Renee Daaboul / Gene Meyer / Denise Meyer / Jimmy Daaboul / Joseph Daaboul / *Lynn Daaboul / Amanda Daaboul / Paula Meyer

Spouse, Fiancé’s or Boyfriend / Girlfriends are welcome to join a team.

If there is a merge this year with 2 existing “veteran teams” and a team spot has opened up, it will become available to whomever signs up first between the new entrants IF the league remains at 12 teams max.

Article III – League Entry & Other Fees (subject to vote)

The following fees will be collected yearly to finance league operations and prizes.

Entry Fee: $50.00 per team (12 teams = $600)

Draft Board and Trophy Fee: $5.00 each = $60

Article IV – Prize Payout Structure

Our league awards cash prizes to the top 3 teams which reach the Championship playoff bracket.

Payout Structure

1st Place: $350.00

2nd Place: $200.00

3rd Place: $50.00

Article V – Playoff Configuration

The league will implement a 6-team Championship playoff system. The top 6 teams will be determined first by win/loss record and total points will be used as a tie-breaker if necessary.  The Championship playoffs start on week 14 of the NFL regular season and last 3 weeks.

This league will also implement a 6-team Loser playoff bracket.

The 1st and 2nd seed will earn a bye-week during the wild card round.

Seeds 3rd – 6th will play in the first weekend.

3rd place will play 6th and 4th place will play 5th.

The highest remaining seed will play the 2nd seed in the following week and the lowest remaining seed will play the 1st place team.

Unlike the Championship bracket, the Loser bracket will conclude the last week of the fantasy season, week 16.

Article VI – Host System

A vote for the Host System or fantasy football site will be taken. In the 4 previous years we have used Yahoo! but every year recommendations will be taken.

Article VII – Draft Location and Time

Location: This is the single most important event of the year. Hands down. The draft… It is very sacred to our hearts. We are lucky to have such great family members that open up their homes to hold a draft party the size of ours.

All invitations are welcome and we can vote on a venue or someone’s house to hold the draft party. All are welcome to join, even if they are not participating in the draft.

Time: We are to agree on a date and time and be mindful of traveling family members and also mindful of the importance of having the draft together to make the process run smooth and easy. If for any reason a manager cannot attend the draft, he or she can appoint someone to select their players in their absences that are NOT currently a manager of an existing team.

Another option would be, having that player remote into the draft via phone or video conference but be aware, this takes away from the intensity, timing and the strategical aspects off the draft itself.

Date: Multiple dates and times are strongly encouraged for recommendations so we have enough time to decide and ensure everyone is in attendance.

Note: Please be aware that a live draft could last up to 5 hours if needed including breaks and festivities. Please plan to attend the entirety of the draft.

Article VIII – Draft Preparation

The commissioner will prepare a simple draft packet for all managers which include a national ranking from a reputable site like ESPN ranking the top 200-300 players based on overall ranking and individual position rankings. The commissioner could also include his or her own ranking and spreadsheet to coincide with the national ranking to help the drafter select his or her players. It is imperative that you study on your own also and prepare yourself to select your own team. Materials used can include magazines, internet, radio, social media and fantasy experts.

Article IX – Draft and Draft Order Determination

Draft order will be randomly selected one hour before the draft via live draft drawings by drawing a number to determine your draft position.

Draft Order Trades ARE allowed up to 45 minutes before the draft and must be negotiated only by the parties involved. Negotiations such as favors, money or simple switches are to be done by only the parties involved in the trading of picks (draft selection order).

Draft strategy will happen in the “golden hour” before the first pick is made. Once you know your draft order, you will utilize this time to make you first pick and strategize on how you will draft your remaining picks based on your order.

The draft will consist of 17 rounds. You will draft 9 starters and 8 bench players (adding one more bench player this year)

Draft will be conducted as a SNAKE DRAFT meaning 1st draft position will draft 1st in the 1st round and last in the second… and so forth.

The SNAKE DRAFT will be timed giving a maximum of 2 minutes to choose a player.

If the team manager drafts a player under 2 minutes, the clock will re-start immediately. If a player is not selected in the 2 minute time frame you will be drafted based on the NEXT best available player (or auto draft) according to the player list.

Breaks are subject to votes and are recommended after every 4 rounds. The time frame is negotiable.

Skipping is not allowed in the draft, you may NOT select a player before it’s your turn even in later rounds. Please allow ample time to fully attend the draft party.

Your roster MUST include:

1 starting QB / 2 starting RBs / 2 starting WRs / 1 starting TE / 1 Flex (RB/WR) 1 K and 1 DEF

Your bench may include any combination as you seem fit to manage your team throughout the season.

Article X – Regular Season

The regular season will begin with week one. The first game is on Thursday September 10th and kickoff weekend will be Sunday September 13th and the first Monday Night Games will be September 14th.

The Fantasy Football Season lasts 13 straight weeks and the fantasy schedule will be automatically randomized. We also have the ability to select a “Rivalry Week” which could be were teams with a fierce rivalry square off that particular week. Playoffs will begin week 14.

Article XI – Smack Talk

Smack talk is strongly encouraged and appreciated. Feel free to run your mouth, hype up your team and make your opponent scared of you. BUT please be don’t cross the line. This league is called Family Rivals, not family enemies. Keep the smack talk related to fantasy football only. We have no need for dirty laundry, personal problems and non related fantasy disputes, especially over the message board which is broadcasted to all members. Please settle your personal disputes or disagreements elsewhere.

Article XII – Trades

For a trade to be granted in a given week, it must be accepted THROUGH OUR HOSTING SERVICE no later than 72 hours before game time.  This gives all teams 72 hours to review the trade before the games begin (whether on Thursday, Saturday on Sunday).  Any trades that are submitted through the website within 72 hours of game time will be voided and will have to be re-submitted and accepted after the MNF game to be reconsidered.  Players who have already played on a given week cannot be traded until the following week.

Once accepted through the hosting service, a trade cannot be withdrawn by one party due to player injury, suspension, or any other unforeseen circumstance.  The only way a trade can be voided is if it is withdrawn by both parties before the trade is granted.

During the 72 hour trade acceptance period, all owners (except those involved in the trade) will be given the opportunity to veto the trade.  However, those owners who choose to veto the trade must make a valid case to the commissioner for why the trade should not be granted.

Trades can be vetoed by vote on the hosting system and will require a 4/12th vote to overrule the trade.

Trades MUST and SHOULD benefit both parties in the trade.

Example, in the trade machine BOTH parties should show:

  • A “green” benefit in point margin for both parties
  • OR/ no more than a 10 point differential in point margin.

Trades will be analyzed closely and can be denied by ONLY the commissioner and co-commissioner if neither of the two above situations happens.

All other trades that fit in the categories will still be subject to a veto by the board.

Article XIII– Waivers

The waiver wire will be open on Tuesdays and will be in reverse order of standings based on priority of the “claim.”

Example: The 12th place team will have 1st priority to put in a claim for a player and will be granted that player as long as it’s his/hers 1st priority and another team higher on the list has not made that same “claim”

Article XIV – New Rule Creation

When a league dispute arises which has not been addressed in the league constitution, a discussion will ensue on possible resolutions.  Following the discussion period, the commissioner will create an online poll so that owners can vote on an appropriate course of action.  The result of the poll will apply immediately and the resulting ruling will be appended to the existing constitution for future reference.

All poll outcomes will be determined based on a plurality and in the case of a tie the commissioner will use his infinite wisdom to cast the deciding vote.  When possible polls will run for 3 days unless it is closer to game day, in which case the voting time will be shortened accordingly.

Article XV – Rosters and Lineups

Managers and co-managers, it is your sole duty to manage your team and set your rosters for each week accordingly. If you knowingly have plans on a weekend and will not have service, or access devices to set your weekly line up, please adjust your roster before your trip.

If for any reason you cannot set your roster due to power outages, system failure or lack of internet service please reach out to the commissioner and/or co-commissioner (as long as you are not playing against them that week) with ample time (more than 1 hour before kick-off) and request a line-up change or player adjustment. The commissioners will adjust the roster for you that week, but please do not make this a habit.

Article XVI- Roster Oversights

If an owner has a roster slot open (either due to bye week or simple oversight), but has a backup player (not on bye, or OUT) available on their bench, then the Commissioner AND Co-commissioner will reach out to the manager and warn them of the oversight. If the commissioner or co-commissioner does not notice the “oversight” then the league itself may contact that person to make them aware of the incomplete roster if they deem it is an unfair or a deliberate move. They can contact the manager by phone, text, in person or by message board.

They have until noon or 1 hour before game day to adjust their roster to be played fairly.

If this event happens 3 times during the season OR still neglected after 2 warnings then a “roster-neglecting violation” will be imposed and the manager/managers will removed from the league and will be run by the commissioner or co-commissioner as long as they are not playing against that team that given week.

OR, will be managed by an outside party (a member that has willingly inherited the team)

Example: A manager that is not playing due to space limitation will have the opportunity to inherit a forfeited team and manage the team for the remainder of the season and will become an automatic bid to have their own team next year.

Article XVII – Roster Dumping

Besides players on the “Cant Cut List” if a teams manager is caught unloading most of their “good” players for no known reason, the commissioner will ask the manager to resign, put the players back on the roster and find a new manager to manage it through the rest of the year and will become an automatic bid to have their own team next year OR allow the team to be in control by the governing body.

Example: The governing body will add the players back and pre-set the roster for the remaining weeks of the season.

Article XVIII – Trophy Commencements

Trophy commencements will take place at the Draft Party right before the Draft Order is selected.

The First, Second and Third Place winners will all receive a placement trophy that they will keep forever displayed with their Name, Team Name (optional) League Name and year the title was won.

The Championship Trophy will be handed off to the NEXT winner the following year and is kept with a winner for ONE FULL YEAR to display high on your mantle, book shelf or entertainment center for all the losers to be reminded who the CHAMPION is at family functions! We will all recognize you and never let you hear the end of it when we claim to win the title the next year!

Champion, it is your responsibility to guard that trophy with your life. Polish it. Love it. Adore it. Treat it well because it could change hands next year… Your job is to keep it as long as possible. We have never had a back to back champion. Will this be the first year?

Family Rivals Champions:

2011-12 – Renee Daaboul (inaugural champion)

2012-13 – Joseph Daaboul

2013-14 – Matthew Daaboul

2014-15 – Paula Meyer

Article XIX – Team Names

Your team name should be unique and intimidating. It could be cute or sassy also. That’s up to you. Please refrain from using vulgar or obscene language.

You may change your team name and slogans as often as you like also.

NOTE: If a team decides to split up or part ways, it is up to the manager and co-manager to decide who will run the team for the duration of the season. For the party that is leaving, you may join another team if you like as long as they accept you.

Article XX – Then, NOW and Forever – The Future

Family Rivals, my goal as current commissioner is to keep this league going as long as possible to pass down to generations to come and fill the “record books” with history so that years from now we can look back at all the great times and remember our champions and legends.

These past 4 years have been amazing and there have been our fare shares of ups and downs. I have created this constitution and by-laws to keep the integrity of the game of Fantasy Football and to unite our family to be even closer than we already are. This is a fun way to keep the excitement going for years to come.

Fantasy Football Glossary


Adding a free-agent player off the waiver wire.


This report lists the average round in which a player is typically chosen during a fantasy football draft. NFL fantasy leagues will give a report based on the results of the numerous drafts that already have taken place.


A player who goes from average to full-fledged fantasy football star.


A player who enters the season with high expectations but finishes with minimal statistical results.


NFL teams play 16 games in 17 weeks, with a bye week mixed in somewhere. Being cognizant of bye weeks is very important when constructing a fantasy football team. As a result, you don’t want to draft two quarterbacks with the same bye week because this will force you to go deep into the waiver wire for an emergency starter.


A prepared list of players ranked in order of fantasy value. When putting together a cheat sheet, be aware of your league’s scoring system and rank your players accordingly.


A player who returns from a significant injury and re-emerges into a legitimate fantasy starter.


The president of the league. Serves a term of 4 years, minimum.


The Vice President of the league. Serves 1 year terms with option to continue up to 4 consecutive years.


Two or more different managers that work together to take down or tarnish a league and its integrity.


An NFL roster split that shows first-, second- and third-string players.


Most fantasy football teams are constructed via a draft, where owners take turns picking players for the upcoming season. Most drafts orders are constructed through a random drawings.


People who enjoy drafting a fantasy football team but disappear long before the season is over, abandoning their team.


Releasing a player back into the free-agent pool.



A player who isn’t on a team’s roster and is available on the waiver wire.


Taking the immediate backup for one of your prominent players. Incase the starter goes down with an injury, the back-up will start for that team.


The 3rd in command on a league governing body will be in charge of collecting dues and payouts. Will also serve on the board of 3 if a dispute arises to be the swing decider.


A vote (silent or public) that takes place between ALL team managers (primary owners) to come to a decision on a subject OR veto a trade. Must be 51% or more on way to PASS or DENY the subject issue.


A “fake” fantasy draft that isn’t played out during the season but often is used by team owners to practice drafting and prepare in advance.


The person who runs his/her own fantasy team and ultimately is responsible for making all personnel decisions.


Indicates a league that awards a point per reception. Typically, running backs, wide receivers and tight ends all receive the same number of points for catches.


A player’s predicted statistics, which are used to help determine that player’s fantasy value.


Backup or bench players.


The list of players on your team.

Fantasy Football – Constitution and By-laws


When a team’s season is lost and they cannot make the playoffs, owners of teams sometimes like to trade away their stud players to boost another team’s chances of winning the championship.


Unlike the actual NFL draft, most fantasy drafts use the “snake” system in which the team with the first pick in Round 1 has the last pick in Round 2, followed by the first pick in Round 3. Conversely, the team with the last pick in the first round has the first pick in the second round. This system is used to help create a balance between all of the competing teams. There often is a great debate as to which draft position is best, but that has yet to be settled.


Typically, a late-round pick or waiver-wire selection who exceeds his statistical expectations and becomes a prominent option in fantasy leagues.



Most basic leagues will allow owners to start one quarterback, two running backs, two or three receivers and one tight end, one kicker and one defense. Leagues can determine the number of starters and include a “flex” position that can be a running back, a wide receiver or a tight end.


A true superstar at his position.


A transaction that involves the swapping of one or more players from one team to another. In some fantasy leagues, the commissioner has the power to approve or deny all trade requests. A voting process among owners is also used in leagues.


Any roster change (waiver-wire add/drop, trade, etc.). Some leagues limit the amount of transactions a team can make, often charging money for excessive moves.


Fantasy Leagues keeps an updated list of players that cannot be dropped from an owners team. This is done to protect the integrity of the league. This is updated frequently so if a player is hurt and lost for the season, they will be removed from the list and owners are free to drop them if they wish.


A league manager that has been in the Fantasy League for at least 2 full seasons.


Refers to the order that established at the end of each week barring your league settings. The higher you are on the waiver order, the better chance you have to claim a player on the waiver wire.


Refers to the list of free-agent players within a fantasy league. Most free agents are subject to a waiver process, as a player is placed on waivers after the kickoff of the first game of the week or during a designated period (24 hours) after being released from a team. Waivers help to ensure that all teams have the opportunity to claim the best free agents, resulting in more balanced, competitive leagues.



Offensive statistics and scoring points

Every 25 passing yards: 1 point
Each passing TD: 4 points
Each interception thrown: -1 points
Every 10 rushing yards: 1 point
Each rushing TD: 6 points
Every 10 receiving yards: 1 point
Each receiving TD: 6 points
Each returned TD 6 points
Each OFF Fumble RET. 6 points
Each 2-point conversion: 2 points
Each fumble lost: -2 points
EACH Reception 1 Point

Kicking statistics and scoring points

Field goal 0-19 yards: 3 points
Field goal 20-29 yards: 3 points
Field goal 30-39 yards: 3 points
Field goal 40-49 yards: 4 points
Field goal 50+ yards: 5 points
Each extra point: 1 point

Defensive statistics and scoring points

Each sack: 1 point
Each interception: 2 points
Each fumble recovery: 2 points
Each TOUCHDOWN 6 points
Each safety: 2 points
Each blocked kick 2 points
Kickoff and Punt Returned TD 6 points
Shutout: 10 points
1-6 points allowed: 7 points
7-13 points allowed: 4 points
14-20 points allowed: 1 point
21-27 points allowed: 0 points
28-34 points allowed: -1 points
35+ points allowed: -4 points

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